Category: Physical Therapist Team

Sarah Bierly Oct14th 2020

Sarah Bierly

Growing up, I always wanted to try new things and be active in any way possible. Whether it was horseback riding, ballet, basketball, and even pole vaulting, I enjoyed exploring different opportunities to experience the world around me. This came with its fair share of injuries which began my exposure to physical therapy and learning

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Alex Zeuli May7th 2020

Alex Zeuli

I have been fascinated with the workings of the human body since I was a young child. I remember doing grade school projects and making models of bones, muscles, and organs and spending hours looking at diagrams and pictures of the different body systems. Playing sports and being very active as a child and a

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Adam Johnson May7th 2020

Adam Johnson

I became a PTA so I could help others return to pain-free living and be as active as possible. I especially enjoy seeing patients become independent with their rehab and take an active role in their overall well-being. I am passionate about ensuring patients reach their maximum potential while in our care.. It is vital

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