Our Practice

Posted by Houghton Physical Therapy on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Started in 2003, Houghton Physical Therapy has grown substantially, and their success, in large part, is due to their experienced knowledgeable staff, and the kindness they offer. The goal is to get patients pain-free, heal their bodies, and instill the valuable skills to help prevent future injuries.

Houghton Physical Therapy offers customized, one-on-one treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurological, work related, and motor vehicle injuries. We offer a modern 3200sq. ft. facility, private treatment rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, and, of course, a passion for healing. In addition, to traditional therapy services, we have developed strength and conditioning programs with sport-specific focus for athletes of all ages.

Many people are unaware that they do not have to live with chronic pain such as headaches, back and neck pain and foot pain. Physical therapy can successfully treat these common daily ailments along with many other types of injuries like sprains, strains, fractures, pre/post surgical conditions, and sports injuries. Houghton Physical Therapy works with your body to increase strength, improve flexibility, and improve the tolerance of everyday activities. Houghton PT will also teach your body how to perform and recover from more extreme work-outs or athletic events.