Patient Testimonials

  • “I am very grateful to Todd, Adam, and the Houghton PT team for their exceptional care and comprehensive physical therapy program which restored my health and quality of life.  Todd and Adam care tremendously about their patients and are authentically invested in their recovery.  This level of care, personalized instruction, and compassion is rare today given the pressure on medical providers to rush treatment plans and meet strict insurance requirements.  As the founder and owner of Houghton PT, Todd’s passion and dedication to his field, his patients, and continuous learning is remarkable.     

    To say that I am thankful to the Houghton PT team for delivering an effective and tailored treatment plan which eliminated my intense pain is an understatement.  When I first became a patient at Houghton PT, I was suffering from level 10 pain  (10/10) at night. I had not slept at night for 2 months due to severe pain caused by multiple herniated/bulging disks and pinched nerves in my spine.  Despite treating with other medical practitioners including PT at one of the top-rated hospitals in the US, a pain management physician at a renowned Boston hospital who administered a series of cortisone injections, and massage therapists, my pain did not dissipate.  I was severely debilitated, afraid to lift and carry anything, and unable to perform any type of physical activity or Activities of Daily Living.  After receiving several months of dedicated physical therapy at Houghton PT and using a specially designed home exercise program including equipment, I was able to regain my strength, mobility, and independence.  Reclaiming your life after a debilitating injury and suffering from chronic and severe pain is miraculous!         

    Living a pain free life is a gift and I attribute my body’s ability to heal to the excellent care I received by Todd and Adam!

    - Michele F.
  • I had the pleasure of working with Andy and Adam, first with my shoulder issues, and then with my hip surgery rehab. Their knowledge, expertise, and kindness has truly helped me get back to my pre-injury self. I was able to avoid shoulder surgery, and my hip is fully healed and feeling great.

    I spent a lot of time at Houghton, and developed a great bond with Andy and Adam, and all of the wonderful staff there. They helped make a very painful and difficult time in my life more bearable and pleasant. I am so grateful to them, and can’t recommend them enough!

    - Katie D.
  • Houghton first off, is a place that give great coaching and exercises needed to improve one’s physical abilities. For myself it was my shoulder, I could barely move my arm above my shoulder with out a sharp pain poking the inside of my shoulder. However with the amazing help of Todd Houghton and Adam Johnson I was able to make a full recovery getting back into the sports I love like rock climbing with out have any concerns for my shoulder. I would recommend Houghton physical therapy to all who needs help but not just for the improvement of one’s physical injury but because they treat you like family, and because I know with out a doubt that if I ever need anything, they’ll be here waiting.

    - Matthew B.
  • Can’t say enough about Todd and his staff. Went to Houghton Physical Therapy due to lower back muscle spasms. Andrew and Adam did a great job getting me back to being pain free. Always felt good after a session at Houghton. Would definitely go back to them. Thanks again.

    - Art B.
  • My experience with Houghton Physical therapy has brought me back to full capacity of doing the activities that I love so much.
    With patience & dedication, the team, especially Andrew, taught me specifics of doing my exercises & therapy correctly, and proper body mechanics which inturn targeted the problem areas for less strain and pain. I now can work in my garden > my happy place, and getting household work done without pain & stress pain.

    I will be forever be grateful to Houghton Physical Therapy for giving me my life back.

    - Andrea G.
  • You don’t have to live with pain. You don’t have to live with limited mobility. The medical professionals at Houghton Physical Therapy helped me find the way that was in me the whole time. When I want to travel I program my GPS and it leads me to my destination. At Houghton Physical Therapy you tell them your destination for a better life and they lead you in the path to your destination. You still have to follow the plan however you will rejoice when you reach your destination. A better life starts with a consultation at Houghton Physical Therapy.

    - Glenn H.
  • Todd and the staff at Houghton Physical Therapy are second to none. They are consummate professionals who take their job of personal wellness to the next level. Their staff are always taking classes to hone their skills to get people like me back to a more productive, pain free life. I would 100% recommend them to anyone that could possibly benefit from physical therapy.

    - Daniel M.
  • Excellent experience! Very knowledgeable staff that worked with me to identify issues and prescribe the best physical therapy treatment for my needs, abilities and goals. Great explanation of treatment and help with pinpointing the root cause as well as exercises to overcome issues. The location is convenient and the appointment times fit my schedule. A truly collaborative team that is professional while still keeping a friendly and comfortable environment. I highly recommend Houghton Physical Therapy.

    - James H.
  • I had no idea they could treat vertigo. They have 2 people who specialize in treating it there. Everyone was wonderful and I didn’t have to wait long for an appointment.
    Highly recommend them for whatever your PT needs are..!

    - Carol C.
  • So grateful for the treatment I was provided by Eric and Todd after sustaining a significant calf injury from exceeding my training load as a triathlete. I had a robust goal to meet with a short timeline and Eric ensured my treatment plan was aggressive, but appropriate to get me back running safely. Todd supported the long term goals to keep from re-injury. An amazing duo that I’m incredibly grateful for and would highly recommend to any athlete. Thank you Eric and Todd!!

    - Gina B
  • Avid runner chooses physical therapy at age 66 to stay in the game and conquer plantar fasciitis

    We are so happy to share with you this month’s patient success story… It’s about a retired arborist that is also an avid runner at the age of 66 and a F.I.T.T challenge participant.

    This witty patient, Russell, is once again out on the course and able to get back to entering local races without having to go through the pain of cortisone shots. Through physical therapy and expert advice from our therapists, Russell is feeling young and staying active.

    Russel Bragg gave up running for a year after the pain in his foot increased, and it was no longer tolerable – but physical therapy treatment here at the clinic has helped him get back to doing what he loves.

    He has so many medals now since being here that his wife makes him give some away. We are happy to display them at our clinic, along with all our success stories.

    Russell went to his doctor and was told to try a cortisone shot or physical therapy. He knew the cortisone was only going to be temporary, so he came to Houghton Physical Therapy – where he was educated on the root of the problem and how to fix it.

    “I just do what my therapist says to do. I don’t think too hard about it, I just do whatever he says and I do it because it works!!”

    We can positively say that what seems to be a minor problem can surely escalate to a much bigger one… you think it might go away by itself, and it can when you stop doing things… but what happens when you get active… it can put you in a painful situation. 

    - Russel B
  • Todd and his team helped me after I had my left knee rebuilt over 12 years ago. I can’t imagine a better result. My range of motion and strength were better than the doctors predicted and I’m convinced the care and instruction I got from the professional staff at Houghton Physical Therapy were the reason. To this day it’s my stronger leg!

    - Dan B.
  • Todd knows his stuff!! I have a background in kinesiology & feel like I know my way around the body. Todd provided me with insights that saved me MONTHS of rehab. No one better I’ve met in the past decade to help you rehab & get back to normal ASAP.

    - Ryan C.
  • My experience has been very enjoyable at Houghton’s Physical Therapy. The staff is very professional. My workouts were extremely helpful in my recovery. Don Kelly was referred to me by one of his other clients. I can see why. He knew exactly what I needed. I would recommend Houghton’s for physical therapy. I had my right knee replacement on Oct. 12, 2017, and my left knee on Dec. 11, 2017. I came here for my first knee so I knew I would be back for the second. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

    - E.C.
  • I can tell you that in my experience these folks are all in it for the right reasons! They take a holistic approach to treating your injury and educating you so you leave with a new level of understanding on how you got there and how to stay well going forward. No reservations on referring them to anyone who asks!

    - D.B.
  • When I began my treatment the pain that I was experiencing in my right shoulder was so severe that I had trouble sleeping and completing everyday tasks. During my course of treatment Adam provided great support and slowly brought me to a point where I am experiencing no pain at all, and I know what to do to nip it in the bud if anything flares. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me to get my life back in sync.

    - J.M.
  • The entire staff at Houghton Physical Therapy are top notch! The front desk staff, therapists and assistants are respectful and create a positive atmosphere for all their patients and each other. I’m grateful for their team approach and commitment to my healing. Five stars …wish there were more stars to give them!

    - A.A.
  • Thank you very much to the entire staff for helping me make so much improvement with my flexibility. I can now easily put my socks on without having to roll on my back!! My back, hips and hamstrings release a little more every time I come in. I am back to where I was 3 years ago, before an injury. I look forward to continuing to come in and get more flexible and “supple” then I have ever been. I am a coach and personal trainer and it is wonderful to be able to move with more confidence and without pain. This is such a great, friendly place and I enjoy all my visits. Thank you!!

    - Z.H.
  • Todd is simply one of the best physical therapists in the business. You won’t find a more capable provider anywhere. Many years ago I sustained a knee injury that was supposed to have ended my career. Thanks to Houghton Physical Therapy I got all the range of motion and strength I needed to get back to 100%.

    - E.W.
  • Great people; always on time; offers encouragement to do the best you can. Offers help in understanding what you have to do for homework.

    They smile a lot and seem to enjoy their job and enjoy YOUR success with you! They have empathy to your situation. Constant reinforcement of your needs and why you’re doing this.

    These people got me through my rehab for a complete knee replacement and seem to have a true interest in my progress. GREAT JOB!!

    - G.P.H.
  • I have been going to Houghton PT for a couple of months now due to post surgery neck and shoulder issues. Todd and the staff have really helped alleviate my pain and discomfort and I feel so much better now that I know my issue is on the way to getting better. They’re highly competent but also personable and make the experience enjoyable. Highly recommend!

    - R.D.
  • Such a wonderful group of people who are truly committed to helping individuals heal and to be fully successful in their recovery process!! Big Thank You’s to Don and Adam, and the great receptionists, you all do an amazing job. I can’t recommend them enough; just a stellar group of human beings.

    - J.M.O.
  • I have had a phenomenal experience and felt that my speedy recovery and smooth process was mostly due to the staff’s patience, knowledge, and their ability to make me feel comfortable and taken care of.

    The environment was light and friendly, everything was neat and clean, and the staff was professional and personable. I felt stressed due to external factors related to my injury, but I really appreciated how all the staff listened to my concerns, did their very best to help me, and made me feel positive about my recover. Thank you!!

    - V.R.
  • “I have had a phenomenal experience with Houghton Physical Therapy. The PT’s are kind and knowledgeable and show genuine care for your well-being. While going through 8 weeks of PT, a situation occurred where my insurance didn’t cover any of my expenses. To make a long story short, the management at Houghton truly cared and worked with me to convert my care to self-pay, saving me hundreds of dollars of out of pocket expenses. And oh by the way, I feel much better physically and mentally due to my time with Houghton. Top notch organization focused on maximizing “stakeholder” value.”

    - Derek M.
  • “I’ve been to Houghton PT a few times in my life. The most recent, therapy post surgery on a torn rotator cuff.

    Todd and his staff are outstanding. Everyone is so knowledgeable! They immediately put your mind at ease by explaining the process and work extremely hard to help you achieve yours goals.

    Todd and his staff have such a positive and friendly attitude, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision after your very first visit.

    I’ve recommended Houghton Physical Therapy to a few of my friends, and each one has come back to thank me. HPT is the best!!!”

    - Ron A.
  • “The team at this location is excellent ! I have been working with Alex who is the newest member of the office and have seen steady improvement in my hip/knee condition. Alex is personable, knowledgeable, and is highly invested in helping his patients recover and heal! Alex asks the right questions and has an aptitude for uncovering the underlying cause behind a tricky injury. I feel so grateful to Alex and the team at Houghton Physical Therapy for giving me the tools I needed to recover! Thank you !! “

    - Raymond M.
  • “I was referred to Houghton Physical Therapy after being involved in an auto accident, with a concussion and balance issues. This group is amazing. Special thanks to Sharon who has worked with me weekly since last October, getting me back on track and functioning. I will always be thankful for her knowledge, caring and expertise. Highly recommend Houghton. Thank you!”

    - Elizabeth H.
  • “Todd Houghton and the staff at Houghton Physical Therapy are knowledgeable, caring and supportive. They treated me like I was their only patient, taking time to help me understand my injury, and what we would do together so I could quickly get back to my normal routine.

    Everyone here is extremely positive and encouraging. Todd and his staff made me feel so comfortable and motivated as well. My experience was wonderful, and I would highly recommend Houghton Physical Therapy to anyone needing PT.”

    - Kathy A.