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Alexander Brown Houghton PT May28th 2020

Alexander B.

My first and longest interaction with physical therapy was as a patient. I spent many years in and out of physical therapy due to injuries related to motorcycle racing. After gaining my experience in medical administration at a skilled nursing corporation, I transitioned to Houghton PT to better use my skills to assist patients in

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Tracy Lombardy May7th 2020

Tracy Lombardy

Helping and inspiring people is something that I love to do, I consider myself lucky to be able to do this as my job every day. I feel I was born to lead, guide and inspire people to be the best they can be. I have lived in Attleboro my entire adult life and I

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Todd Houghton May7th 2020

Todd Houghton

When I was an active 15 year old young man, I broke my leg skiing. This injury was a source of strain physically and mentally for me at this time as I had never had anything limit or stop me from doing anything in my life. I started to do my own physical therapy on

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