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Pre & Post Natal Therapy

Even regular tasks such as sitting, walking, standing and working can be difficult when pregnant. Almost all women experience musculoskeletal discomfort during pregnancy.   This is due to the tremendous changes undergone by the body during any healthy pregnancy. With Physical Therapy, techniques can be learned to help relieve the following conditions: 

  • Lower back pain caused by a shift in the mother’s center of gravity as the baby grows
  • Neck pain and headaches due to changes in posture
  • Tightness and pain in the hamstrings and heel cords caused by a flattening of the feet
  • Arm pain or tingling caused by nerve compression associated with an increased chest diameter
  • Bladder leakage during pregnancy and after delivery due to strained pelvic muscles
  • Stretching of the abdominal walls leading to back pain and difficult delivery due to ineffective abdominal contractions

Programs designed to treat the specific needs of a pregnant women are available. Our Physical Therapist specializing in issues associated with pregnancy can recommend exercises for pregnant and post-partum women after an assessment.


An evaluation generally consists of an analysis of the following:

  • Joint mobility
  • Muscle imbalances and strength
  • Sensation testing
  • Functional limitations