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Patient Results

  • The care I received was compassionate, informative and professional, and the results were excellent.  Nicole is an outstanding therapist!  She is very engaging and informative.  I feel she saw me as a whole person, not just as a person with a knee problem.  Her patience, attention, and professional manner were greatly appreciated.  All the staff here are excellent!  I would, and have, recommended Houghton to everyone I know.

    Thank you ALL!

    K.H. (per Dr. Bowman)

  • I am very pleased with my results of physical therapy and rehabilitation with Sharon at Houghton Physical Therapy!  I cannot imagine dealing with the rotator cuff repair without the expertise and support I received here.  My injury prevented me from doing my job, day-to-day tasks, and caused tremendous pain, so surgery was essential.  I am back to work at my job as a yoga teacher, pain free!!  I am able to do usual household tasks without limitations.  It’s unbelievable how fare I’m come with Sharon’s help and reassurance.

    K.L. (per Dr. Matzkin)

  • I would recommend Houghton Physical Therapy to others without reservations.  All therapies (exercises) were explained thoroughly to me, and the attentiveness and compassion showed me has been commendable.  The therapists and techs took great effort to get me on the mend.

    Thank you!

    L.K. (per Dr. Snead)

  • I experienced excellent treatment, attention and support at Houghton Physical Therapy.  The therapists and assistants are skilled, empathetic and excellent communicators.  I worked a great deal with Adam, who was a great listener and skilled practitioner– a pleasure to work with.  I also worked with Todd, Alicia, and Mike – also wonderful, expert therapists.  I look forward to participating in the Post-Care process and possibly returning for a different ailment.  My goal is to become as strong and fit as possible.

    A.N. (per Dr. McLaughlin)

  • Everyone here is really great to work with.  They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and have a great rapport with all the patients and themselves.  I feel that I got excellent results and I’m looking forward to putting the problems that I came in with behind me.  I came in with constant migraines and chronic shoulder pain, but now I hardly ever have a migraine, my shoulders feel so much better and I’m confident I will continue to improve (as long as I do my exercises)!

    R.H. (per Dr. Kroessler)

  • Houghton Physical Therapy built up my confidence, which helped me to recover from my injury.  I am able to perform my usual daily activities.  The therapists helped me to regain self-confidence in myself, which enabled me to go back and forth on public transportation, stop using my crutch to walk, and sometimes walk short distances without a cane.  The therapist’s positive attitudes and patience helped me to regain my self-reliance by being able to walk again!

    G.P. (per Dr. Davis)

  • I would like to thank Todd and his staff for a job well done.  I was skeptical and apprehensive about going to a Physical Therapist, but Todd and his team quickly put me at ease.  I have learned so much, and they have been giving tools to maintain a quality of life at a new level.  I feel I’m now at 120% and pain-free; the first time in 4 months.   I cannot thank Houghton Physical Therapy enough!!

    S.B. (per Dr. Barker, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital)

  • Over the past 2 months with the input from Steffani and Adam, I have made significant progress.  When I first started, I had great difficulty just walking, with much pain, and was extremely limited in my ability to successfully complete even simple tasks.  I can now drive a car and have returned to work after being out of work for 11 months.  Steffani and Adam did a wonderful job.  Highly recommended!!  Thank You!!

    D.W. (per Dr. Chiodoe, Brigham & Women's Hospital)

  • Five years ago I injured myself at the gym.  Since then I have seen a chiropractor, acupuncture and physical therapist to help with the pain and discomfort I was having.  It was a nightmare because nothing worked and I felt no one could help me.  I heard about Houghton through my primary care physician and have been seeing Todd, my PT for just a few short weeks.  Since then, the pain has drastically faded and I feel better than I have felt in 5 years!

    K.S.  (per Dr. Lajoie)

  • When I began my treatment, the pain that I was experiencing in my right shoulder was so severe that I had trouble sleeping and completing everyday tasks.  During my course of treatment, the therapists provided great support and slowly brought me to a point where I am experiencing no pain at all.  Now I know what to do to nip it in the bud if anything flares.  I can’t thank you all enough for helping me to get my life back in sync!!

    D.W.  (per Dr. Ostapow)

  • My experience with Houghton Physical Therapy has been wonderful!  My main therapist was Sharon Bannon and I’ve seen others when Sharon was off.  Everyone at the practice has been awesome, kind and very positive.  I’ve been to several P.T.’s through the years and none even quite compare to Houghton!  Hopefully I won’t need to come back, but if I do this is where I’ll come!

    D.B.  (per Dr. Micheli)

  • The physical therapists at Houghton have helped me so much.  When I first arrived I could barely get out of a chair.  With all of the therapists’ own different methods they have brought me to a point I can do for myself.  Every week they pushed further and further until here I am, 20 visits out and ready to rejoin the work force.  One therapist that I was assigned to really made such a difference.  Steffani, using her methodology, has challenged and pushed my therapy.  I thank her!  If ever I am in need or know anyone who needs therapy, I would recommend Houghton!

    B.H.  (per Dr. Lajoie)

  • I can’t say enough about the staff at Houghton PT!  I have been sent to other places by never have I had the results as I have had here.  The care they take with their patients, from the office staff to the therapists to the assistants, is beyond belief.  I would highly recommend Houghton Physical Therapy to anyone and everyone!  Thank you!!

    L.P.  (per Dr. Messineo)

  • Houghton has been such an educational experience, as well as the physical healing provided.  I have had the pleasure of being treated by several P.T.s and each experience has been helpful and informational.  I have always been greeted with a smile and feel as thought I am not just another case.  I would recommend Houghton to my family and friends!

    R.L.  (per Dr. Gottesman)