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Patient Results & Testimonies

  • I have had a phenomenal experience and felt that my speedy recovery and smooth process was mostly due to the staff’s patience, knowledge, and their ability to make me feel comfortable and taken care of.

    The environment was light and friendly, everything was neat and clean, and the staff was professional and personable.  I felt stressed due to external factors related to my injury, but I really appreciated how all the staff listened to my concerns, did their very best to help me, and made me feel positive about my recover.  Thank you!!

    V.R. (per Dr. Stacey Meslow)- HPT Graduation

  • Such a wonderful group of people who are truly committed to helping individuals heal and to be fully successful in their recovery process!!  Big Thank You’s to Don and Adam, and the great receptionists, you all do an amazing job. I can’t recommend them enough; just a stellar group of human beings.

    J.M.O. (per Dr. Ana Mata)- Facebook

  • I have been going to Houghton PT for a couple of months now due to post surgery neck and shoulder issues. Todd and the staff have really helped alleviate my pain and discomfort and I feel so much better now that I know my issue is on the way to getting better. They’re highly competent but also personable and make the experience enjoyable.  Highly recommend!

    R.D. (per Dr. Peter Pleasants)- Google review

  • Great people; always on time; offers encouragement to do the best you can. Offers help in understanding what you have to do for homework.

    They smile a lot and seem to enjoy their job and enjoy YOUR success with you! They have empathy to your situation. Constant reinforcement of your needs and why you’re doing this.

    These people got me through my rehab for a complete knee replacement and seem to have a true interest in my progress. GREAT JOB!!

    G.P.H. (per Dr. John Shaver)- HPT Graduation

  • Todd is simply one of the best physical therapists in the business.  You won’t find a more capable provider anywhere.  Many years ago I sustained a knee injury that was supposed to have ended my career.  Thanks to Houghton Physical Therapy I got all the range of motion and strength I needed to get back to 100%.

    E.W. (Facebook review)

  • Thank you very much to the entire staff for helping me make so much improvement with my flexibility.  I can now easily put my socks on without having to roll on my back!!  My back, hips and hamstrings release a little more every time I come in.  I am back to where I was 3 years ago, before an injury.  I look forward to continuing to come in and get more flexible and “supple” then I have ever been.  I am a coach and personal trainer and it is wonderful to be able to move with more confidence and without pain.   This is such a great, friendly place and I enjoy all my visits.  Thank you!!

    Z.H. (Dr. Chadi Kaba)- HPT Graduation

  • The entire staff at Houghton Physical Therapy are top notch! The front desk staff, therapists and assistants are respectful and create a positive atmosphere for all their patients and each other. I’m grateful for their team approach and commitment to my healing. Five stars …wish there were more stars to give them!

    A.A. (per Dr. Sarah Byrne)- Google review

  • When I began my treatment the pain that I was experiencing in my right shoulder was so severe that I had trouble sleeping and completing everyday tasks.  During my course of treatment Adam provided great support and slowly brought me to a point where I am experiencing no pain at all, and I know what to do to nip it in the bud if anything flares.  I can’t thank you all enough for helping me to get my life back in sync.

    J.M. (per Dr. Lorraine Gomba)- HPT Graduation

  • I can tell you that in my experience these folks are all in it for the right reasons!  They take a holistic approach to treating your injury and educating you so you leave with a new level of understanding on how you got there and how to stay well going forward.  No reservations on referring them to anyone who asks!

    D.B. (per Dr. Suyin Lee)- Google review

  • My experience has been very enjoyable at Houghton’s Physical Therapy.  The staff is very professional.  My workouts were extremely helpful in my recovery.  Don Kelly was referred to me by one of his other clients.  I can see why.  He knew exactly what I needed.  I would recommend Houghton’s for physical therapy.  I had my right knee replacement on Oct. 12, 2017, and my left knee on Dec. 11, 2017.  I came here for my first knee so I knew I would be back for the second.  Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

    E.C. (per Dr. Zarin)- HPT Graduation

  • Todd knows his stuff!! I have a background in kinesiology & feel like I know my way around the body. Todd provided me with insights that saved me MONTHS of rehab. No one better I’ve met in the past decade to help you rehab & get back to normal ASAP.

    Ryan Clark (Facebook review)

  • Todd and his team helped me after I had my left knee rebuilt over 12 years ago. I can’t imagine a better result. My range of motion and strength were better than the doctors predicted and I’m convinced the care and instruction I got from the professional staff at Houghton Physical Therapy were the reason. To this day it’s my stronger leg!

    Dan Biron (Facebook review)