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Patient Results

  • My experience has been very enjoyable at Houghton’s Physical Therapy.  The staff is very professional.  My workouts were extremely helpful in my recovery.  Don Kelly was referred to me by one of his other clients.  I can see why.  He knew exactly what I needed.  I would recommend Houghton’s for physical therapy.  I had my right knee replacement on Oct. 12, 2017, and my left knee on Dec. 11, 2017.  I came here for my first knee so I knew I would be back for the second.  Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

    E.C. (per Dr. Zarin)

  • Todd knows his stuff!! I have a background in kinesiology & feel like I know my way around the body. Todd provided me with insights that saved me MONTHS of rehab. No one better I’ve met in the past decade to help you rehab & get back to normal ASAP.

    Ryan Clark (Google review)

  • Todd and his team helped me after I had my left knee rebuilt over 12 years ago. I can’t imagine a better result. My range of motion and strength were better than the doctors predicted and I’m convinced the care and instruction I got from the professional staff at Houghton Physical Therapy were the reason. To this day it’s my stronger leg!

    Dan Biron (Google review)

  • I know Todd because he grew up across the street from where I lived with my three kids. Todd and my son Mike were friends. I live in Maine now and what I can say is that Todd is the kind of guy who continually wants to learn more to be able to help his clients. He has assembled an incredible team at Houghton Physical Therapy. I have talked to many people who have gone to Todd and they all say without exception that the therapy they received was top notch and helped immensely.

    Nancy Shaw (Google review)

  • Thank you very much to the entire staff for helping me make so much improvement with my flexibility.  I can now easily put my socks on without having to roll on my back!!

    My back, hips and hamstrings release a little more every time I come in.  I am back to where I was 3 years ago, before an injury. I look forward to continuing to come in and get more flexible and “supple” then I have ever been.  I am a coach and personal trainer and it is wonderful to be able to move with more confidence and without pain.

    This is such a great, friendly place and I enjoy all my visits.  Thank you!!

    ~”Supple Leopard”


    Z.H. (per Dr. Kaba)

  • Prior to treatment, I was experiencing tingling & weakness in my right arm through to my hand.  I also had some pain & tightness in my right shoulder & neck.  I had difficulty with pushing, pulling, and lifting.

    Since I started treatment, the tingling & weakness has resolved, and the pain & tightness has gone away.  I no longer have difficulty with any activity & have no limitations.  My posture has also improved.


    L.F. (per Dr. Gastel)

  • The team did a great job looking at my issues and seeking out the root causes of the aches and pains.  Focusing on several areas I think will help overall.  I learned a lot about how the core is the fuse box and needs to be activated before and during running.

    Thanks for everything!  I think if I continue with the exercises, my issues will be resolved and Boston 2018 will go well!

    T.G. (per Dr. Young)

  • I’m very happy with my results at Houghton PT. 

    I have a much better understanding of:

    (1) How important it is not to over think.  (2) How glute weakness leads to running injuries.  (3) An overall strengthening playbook can be used to improve my glute & core weakness.  (4) Core and glute weakness/tightness can be contributing to my pelvic pain.

    Thanks for all your coaching!!

    M.A. (per Dr. Cunningham)

  • Excellent care and attention from physical therapists Sharon and Adam.  I consistently progressed, improved range of motion and lessened physical discomfort.

    The exercises were well explained, corrected and provided for consistent follow through at home.  The only negative thing is that I shouldn’t have waited so long to come in!

    S.L. (per Dr. Sommerville)

  • My experience with Houghton has been nothing but positive.  I have been a patient for about 8 years for different reasons.  I have been treated by multiple therapists and each time I reached my goals; sometimes ahead of schedule.

    The personalities and the camaraderie are so positive, I looked forward to each visit.  They kept me motivated.  This past year and a half I have progressed from being wheelchair bound to walking unassisted.  Not only can I participate in normal daily activities, but I’ve been able to go ATV riding and zip-lining for the first time…at the age of 53!!

    I don’t know where I would be without Houghton.  I have so much to thank them for!!

    J.B. (per Dr. Garafalo)

  • I was unable to run or walk or use stairs without a significant amount of pain.  Running was impossible when I started therapy.

    I am running again without pain and am so grateful for every step!  Every single staff person I encountered at Houghton was upbeat, friendly and helpful.  Thank you so much for helping me reach my goals!!

    S.P. (per Dr. Mckersie)

  • Great experience with Steffani and Adam!  I wondered if having more than one therapist would be a disadvantage, however, I think the therapy was very effective.  It was consistent with just a “2nd perspective”.  I was previously really concerned about needing surgery – No Longer!!  Thanks!

    N.V. (per Dr. Kelliher)

  • My time here has helped beyond words!  The staff is wonderful and inspiring.  Each appointment has been an improvement.  I am very thankful for all I received here at Houghton PT!

    C.L. (per Dr. Manning)