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Sarah Bierly

Sarah Bierly, PT, DPT

Growing up, I always wanted to try new things and be active in any way possible. Whether it was horseback riding, ballet, basketball, and even pole vaulting, I enjoyed exploring different opportunities to experience the world around me. This came with its fair share of injuries which began my exposure to physical therapy and learning about the human body. 

My interest in psychology led to the realization that the psychosocial aspect of physical therapy played a significant role in the healing process. This combination of helping someone both physically and mentally to reach their full potential excited me. My passion is to make the process of recovering from an injury enjoyable and upbeat no matter the circumstances. Through working with the body and mind to educate my patients, I want them to leave feeling that they can truly make a difference in their lives with small but meaningful changes to their everyday activity and outlook on life. This process is a two-way street and I take a team approach with each person as they begin to take control of their bodies and their lives. 

Every day gives us new opportunities to learn and grow and I am excited to begin my physical therapy career with the Houghton PT family and contribute to making a change in each and every person’s life that walks through our doors.

Additional Training:

CPR Certified


Doctorate of Physical Therapy – University of Rhode Island

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – University of Massachusetts Amherst


American Physical Therapy Association