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12/20/17- “Setting Achievable Health Goals For The New Year” by Don Kelly

Avoid “January Syndrome”

What is “January Syndrome” and How To Avoid It


Strategies to create attainable health goals for the new year.

–  Chances are you or someone you love will deal with it.

–  What is “isometric” exercise and how can it help me? 

–  How can “interval” training get me off the couch?

–  Sharing of resources to help reach your health goals!


A high percentage of people decide to try and get healthy January 1st, whether a resolution or not, and make drastic changes to their diet and work out like a crazy person.  By the end of January they quit or give up. Thus “January Syndrome”.  The goal is to teach you how to make more realistic goals that can be more easily attained and set you up for success.  Most of the people who set those lofty unattainable goals were highly motivated and worked really hard (too hard) and thus chose a difficult path to health and wellness.

We want to show that you can use your motivation to drive success long term and avoid short term failure.  Simple concepts will be highlighted of “isometric” strength training and “interval” training to gradually increase your activity levels within your tolerance. You will be provided with some education on websites, apps, and wearable tech that can also help you reach your goals.

~~Held at Houghton PT clinic~~

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