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  • Physio Ball

    (55cm) $20.00   |   (65cm) $25.00

    Allows for more range of motion than you would get from most exercises without the use of the ball. Physio Ball back extensions allow you to work a more full range of movement by allowing you to enter a plane of movement that you otherwise can’t without some kind of equipment.

  • Foam Roller-Full

    Full – $32.00  |  Half – $20 |  Small Half – $12

    Using a foam roller is essentially a more affordable way to give yourself a deep tissue massage. By slowing rolling over various areas of your body, you’ll help break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout.

  • Stretch Out Strap


    Excellent for targeting specific muscle groups, as well as increasing flexibility, range of movement, and improving muscular strength.

  • Pilates Ring


    This ring provides resistance that helps to tone muscles in a simple, balanced and efficient workout. Use the ring to work arms and upper body, compressing it between both hands, and strengthen leg muscles by compressing the ring between ankles or thighs.

  • Cold Packs-Lumbar


    Ideal for cold treatment on back, and limbs. Maintains cold for up to 30 minutes.

  • Cold Packs-Cervical


    Ideal for cold treatment on neck, Shoulder, abdomen, and limbs. Maintains cold for up to 30 minutes.

  • The Stick
    (S) $38.00   |   (L) $58.00

    Improves flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention, injury therapy. Eliminates muscle soreness & pain. Increases blood flow, & loosens tight muscles.

  • TheraBand

    Yellow, Red / yd $2.00
    Green, Blue / yd $3.00

    Yellow 3lb, Red 4lb, Green 5lb, Blue 7lb. Latex Free.

  • Theracane


    Helps to maximize the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. The pressure aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers and tendons. The increased circulation helps the muscle to work more efficiently.

  • Foam Slant Board


    Increases extension in lower and upper back while stretching calves. Targets arch, calf, hamstring, and hip.

  • Medicordz

    Used for a variety of physical rehabilitation assignments to strengthen muscles, improve agility and help prevent future injury. Yellow: 3-9 lbs, Green: 5-12 lbs, Red: 7-14 lbs, Blue: 16-30 lbs

  • Medicordz Handle


    Allows patients to complete exercises comfortably and securely while using maximum gripping strength.

  • Airex


    Improve your conditional and coordinative abilities in combination, enhancing your strength, endurance, differentiation and balance. The AIREX Balance products are active therapy and training devices made of the familiar soft AIREX foam material.