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“Ask the PT”, Facebook Live Video

WELCOME to our newest endeavor, “Ask the PT” a Facebook live video series.

It’s a place where YOU can ask questions online  (regarding your nagging injuries & pains, as well as other physical concerns) and get immediate answers. If you are not able to join the live version, you can always post a question, or contact Todd Houghton, PT, CSCS, Owner/CEO directly (  So far, Todd Houghton has kicked off the series.  Over time, we expect to see guest speakers join in.

We asked Todd why he does this and what the purpose is of the live FB video series “Ask the PT”.

My purpose and passion as a PT is to ease suffering for all my friends, family, patients and those who are in my life.

My real passion is the mindset portion of why people have pain or why they are not reaching their goals. 

What is the purpose of FB Live “Ask the PT”?  I realized that I love treating patients and WANTED A BIGGER REACH, so I decided to share my experience on a bigger stage.  I want to give out as much content to you so you will be able to have more information of how a PT might be able to help a friend, colleague or family member out.

With that said, we invite you to watch our previously recorded videos on our Facebook page  (@HoughtonPhysicalTherapy) by following these links below, and when the time comes, participate during the live show!!  Keep an eye out on our social media to see announcements of future videos.  

***Week 14, Apr 30th: Recovering from Your Big Event***


Week 1, Jan 29th:  Premier

Week 2, Feb 5th:  Ramp Up
Week 3, Feb 12th:  Rotator Cuff
Week 4, Feb 19th:  Tennis Elbow
Week 5, Feb 26th:  
Wrist Strain, Carpal Tunnel

Week 6, Mar 5th:  Piriformis Syndrome
Week 7, Mar 12th:  ITB Syndrome
Week 8, Mar 19th:  Plantar Fasciitis
Week 9, Mar 26th:  Headaches and Migraines

Week 10, Apr 2nd:  Lower Back Pain
Week 11, Apr 9th:  Neck Pain
Week 12, Apr 16th:  TMJ (Guest speaker Don Kelly, PT, DPT)
Week 13, Apr 23rd Preparing for Your Big Event: Long-Distance or Multi-Sport