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Six Key Qualities to look for when choosing a Physical Therapy Facility

Be your own health’s advocate; don’t go to a Physical Therapy Factory.

Knowing the best thing to do when medical care is needed can be very difficult. Through past experiences people have become aware that it is important to do what they think is the best option. Whether surgery, medicine, or therapy is needed, an investigation on who and where to go for these services is recommended. This can be a bit of work, but it is your body and you want what is best for it, right?

Insurance coverage is an important factor and can have an influence on treatment decisions. Don’t let it be the deciding factor, look into other alternatives. There have been many changes taking place within Medicare and other insurance systems. Some are good things, and others can be frustrating for both patient and health care professionals. Houghton Physical Therapy continues to work diligently to make policies that ensure optimal function and recovery for each child, athlete and people from all generations. The Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z all have different needs for physical therapy treatment and need to have individualized care as well as a treatment plan conformed to their own medical needs. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a physical therapist or physical therapy clinic:

Six Keys to Finding a High Quality Physical Therapist

  • Patient Focus - This is one of the most important qualities of a successful physical therapist. By focusing on the patient as an individual, the physical therapist will educate the patient, not only about their condition but about the rest of their body and how certain functions or habits are related to the injury or ailment. They should encourage questions and collaboration and have complete aspiration for an optimal outcome.
  • Licensed Physical Therapists - Choose a clinic in which the care is provided by a licensed physical therapist that maintains loyalty and respect from clients and the medical community through quality service and integrity. Be sure they use the latest techniques driven by evidence based knowledge through continued education and collaboration.
  • Individualized Exercise Prescription - The physical therapist should provide exercises that are specific to your needs and not a machine shop approach to exercise prescription. An explanation of how the exercises given are working to strengthen your muscles and heal your injury and surrounding weaknesses should be part of your treatment plan.
  • Professional Staff - Choose a clinic with an established management team, caring administrative staff, a clinical department that is knowledgeable, ethical, and relates to your concerns with care and commitment.
  • Integrated Care - Look for collaboration among therapists. Check their specialties and be sure they utilize a combination of interventions such as manual therapy, joint mobilization/manipulation, wrapping and taping, individualized exercise programs and advice regarding self management when treating patients.
  • Long Term Results - Once you get better you want to stay that way. Ask if they will talk with your personal trainer and other wellness providers to make sure your therapy plan is as effective as possible.

Remember: You have a choice regarding your physical therapy treatment location. Search for information and make sure they are the right fit for you.

Patient Satisfaction Survey at Houghton Physical Therapy

  • 86% of our patients rated their experience with us as excellent
  • The remaining 14% rated their satisfaction with treatment as very good and the likelihood that they would recommend us to friends and family as very good as well.
  • 100% stated they felt good enough about their treatment that they would return in the future and/or refer a friend or relative to our clinic.
    Our physician satisfaction surveys demonstrate that 100% of referring physicians rate our services as excellent.